Founded by award-winning filmmaker and Academy member Frances-Anne Solomon, the CaribbeanTales Media Group (CTMG) is a multifaceted group of media companies that produces, markets, and sells Black and culturally diverse film and television content.

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Built over 20 years, The CaribbeanTales Media Group is the only media group in Canada that provides an ecosystem of screen-based activities that serve Black Canadian, and culturally diverse audiences. CTMG is Black-owned, staffed and controlled. Our Board leadership and staff are mainly Black and are culturally diverse. CTMG provides a pipeline of activities from creation to distribution that aims to uplift, enrich, promote and monetize Black and culturally diverse film and television content for audiences.

CTMG has produced the feature films HERO (dir. Frances-Anne Solomon, Canada/Trinidad & Tobago), KINGSTON PARADISE (dir. Mary Wells, Canada/Jamaica), A WINTER TALE (dir. Frances-Anne Solomon, Canada), the television sitcom LORD HAVE MERCY! (Showcase/APTN, Canada), the documentary series HEART BEAT (Bravo, Canada) and LITERATURE ALIVE (Bravo, Canada), among others.