directed by Frances-Anne Solomon

Adaption of the Award-winning Book “IN THE BLACK - MY LIFE” by B. Denham Jolly.

This compelling memoir tells the story of Mr. Denham Jolly’s journey from an idyllic childhood in Jamaica, through numerous struggles in Canada -- starting on his arrival in the 50’s -- and his eventual success as a businessman, activist, publisher, and founder/owner of the first Black radio station in Canada.

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directed by Marina Bekker

Told in Magic Realism in 6 x 45 Minute-Episodes

Co-produced with Fusebox

In Toronto, a young African dancer is on the brink of international stardom, when her destiny finds her and brings her home to Africa. Unbeknownst to Khetoane, growing up in exile after the death of her mother, she is the divinely ordained heir to the throne of a 400-year-old matriarchal dynasty. Her 18th birthday hails the crowning of the next Rain Queen and her people, her country, is dying in the grip of a devastating drought that only the Rain Queen can break.... if she can stay ahead of her uncle hunting her down.

In Development



directed by Mary Wells

A woman caught between love for a man & his friends’ actions to destroy a marine reserve may risk everything for love, or risk losing love, for a cause.

In Development

Film and tv production with leading directors and producers from the Caribbean Diaspora.

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